Defense attorney begins calling witnesses in Loehrlein trial


After an emotional second day in court, Clint Loehrlein’s trial continued Wednesday morning.

Loehrlein is charged with the murder of his wife and the attempted murder of his two twin adult daughters.

Both of those daughters testified on Tuesday.

The courtroom was a little less packed on Wednesday.

The state called its seventh witness to the stand, Detective Matthew Elrod with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.

Elrod interviewed Loehrlein twice the day after the incident.

However, it wasn’t until a third interview that took place four days later at the jail when Loehrlein began recalling details.

During the interview, played for the jury, Loehrlein admitted to shooting his wife, and then shooting and stabbing his daughters.

At one point in the interview, Loehrlein began crying and said he couldn’t take it anymore and thought he would go to Heaven.

Throughout the trial, he has remained facing forward and motionless.

The defense’s first witness was Carmen Hauschild, who attended grade school and the same church as Clint Loehrlein. She said she and her husband were friends with Clint and Sherry.

Hauschild and her husband also had a business relationship with the Loehrleins.

Tom Hauschild, Carmen’s husband, was called as the second witness.

Clint and Sherry helped to provide finances for Tom and Carmen Hauschild to flip homes.

The third witness was Clay Loehrlein, Clint’s brother.

Clay said Clint mentioned a sleep problem to him one time around Christmas. Clay said he didn’t think anything of it.

Clay said there were a few times in December 2016 and one time on January 20, 2017 that Clint made mistakes like forgetting to sign checks and not putting a stamp on mail while working at Key Construction. Clay said Clint never made mistakes.

Clay said on Jan. 20, 2017, Clint couldn’t get blueprint paper through a copy machine — a job he’s done plenty of times before within seconds. Clay said Clint was getting agitated and fumbling with it for 10 minutes.

During an interview with Elrod, Canada said Clay told Elrod, “My brother is a monster for doing this.” Clay said he doesn’t believe this now.

Mike Loehrlein, Clint’s first cousin, was called as the fourth witness.

Canada asked Mike if he’s ever seen mean streak in Clint. He said no.

Ken Haynie was then called to the stand. Haynie said Clint and Sherry bought a home from him around $500,000 on Cobblestone Drive. The offer closed November 8, 2016.

Haynie said in early December in 2016, Clint and Sherry approached him at a Christmas party wanting to sell the home they just bought because Sherry had vertigo.

The state asked Haynie who was more excited about new home. He said Sherry was.

The sixth witness, Chris Kirby, lived near the house on Cobblestone the Loehrlein’s bought in November. A retaining wall from his yard fell and made a mess in the Loehrlein’s new yard. It was Kirby’s responsibility to clean the mess.

Kirby spoke to Loehrlein about it over the phone on January 20, 2017. Kirby said he was talking fast and slurring words.

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(This story was originally published August 29, 2018)


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