Despite Fixes Hoosiers Still Leary of Site


EVANSVILLE, Ind.  With this boost of optimism more people in the tri-state are willing to give Healthcare.Gov another shot. But, many are still leary of shopping on a site that has had so many glitches.

“I need the full package, I need dental, healthcare, vision all of that!”

Changes to Angela Brimm’s existing health coverage is forcing her to get a new plan through Healthcare.Gov.

“I’m not computer savvy so hopefully it will be easy to do”, she added.

There are 119 enrollment days left and Many like Brimm have delayed logging on due to all of its glitches. Glitches, the White House says should now be fixed. The newly revamped site was slammed today with visitors; so much so that when we tried to enter the site in the newsroom; we were asked to wait twice before getting through. The website’s developers say the site can only handle 50,000 first time users at a time. This being my first time logging into the site; I had to play the waiting game.

“Security experts that we had testify in front of our committee say that the foundation of security on the website was not established with each step of the process in creating the website” says 8th district Indiana Representative, Larry Bucshon.

Representative Bucshon says numerous constituents have complained about the site. Many argue it’s deterring them from getting healthcare coverage.

“I heard single men would be at the highest end of the insuragnce coverage”, says Alfonzo Stevens.”Even though th law was passed a few years ago it seems like it came out to no where. I’m not really sure what all it entails”.

For these concerns, Representative Bucshon has created an online forum.

“We’re finding that across the country that some people are getting reasonable rates. But, most people are getting hire rates than what they had before  or if they didn’t have insurance the rates are high enough that it’s difficult for them to pay”, said Bucshon.

I finally was able to get through to the site after a 10 minute wait. From there I was able to see the plans available.  January 1, 2014 is the set date for the healthcare plans from the market place to take effect. Open enrollment for 2014 closes on March 31, 2014 and anyone who signs up after this date will have to pay a penalty .

Report by Fadia Patterson


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