Digital First: Last-Minute Tips for Figuring Out Your Ballot and Making Sure You Can Vote


What’s On Your Ballot?

You might be surprised on Election Day when you see just how much is on your ballot. In addition to federal candidates for the House and Senate, some states have local judicial elections, municipal races, lengthy ballot measures and more. Here’s how to get a game plan ready for when you enter the voting booth.

You can learn who and what is on your ballot by checking which provides specific information, from federal candidates down to your local officers, in addition to letting you fill out a mock ballot you can email or print to bring with you to the booth.

Dig Deeper

Maybe one candidate has already spent some time serving in the position and is up for re-election. If that’s the case, you can look into how they’ve spent their time in office so far.

Where Are You Supposed to Go?

In some states, voting in the wrong polling place can cause your ballot to be thrown out. Confirm your polling place using Google’s polling place locator.

If you are still waiting in line when the polls close…

The Rule: Although heavy voter turnout is expected to lead to long lines, the wait cannot strip you of your right to vote. If you are standing in line when the polls are open, you are entitled to cast your ballot — even if your wait extends past the scheduled poll closing time. Most states have laws protecting this right, explaining exactly how the last person in line is distinguished, and poll workers are instructed to allow every person already in line when the polls close to vote.

What You Can Do: If you were in line before the polls closed, and someone tries to stop you from voting, call one of the voter hotlines, or your state or local election officials.

Sara Dionne, chairman of Warren County Election Commission believes that everyone should get out to vote but safety and health is also a priority at the polls. With the coronavirus affecting people the chairman says she doesn’t want to take any chances. At the Elks Voting Precinct, the poll workers work continue to keep the touch screen monitors sanitized and they also provide hand sanitizer to make sure the overall voting experience is worth the while.

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(This story was originally published on March 10, 2020)

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