Dispatchers work through internet, cable outages


Internet and phone service for spectrum customers and first responders is back to normal after yesterday’s massive outage.

Some 911 dispatchers had to make adjustments during the more than three hour outage.

When we need police or fire departments in emergencies, we dial 911. But sometimes, like yesterday, your ability to may be hampered, depending on who your provider is. So, how can you get a hold of first responders when your call can’t get through?

“So many people are getting rid of their land lines that it does make it more critical when a carrier does go down,” says Morganfield Fire Chief Rick Millikan. He says having a backup plan is more important with more people having one phone carrier. One backup plan if your phone service goes down, find someone who is on a different carrier to call for you. 

“I know we do in the fire department, find out your neighbors, co-workers, someone who is on a separate carrier than you are where you can get that person to communicate for you if your service is down,” Chief Millikan says.

Union County dispatchers say their 911 service still worked through the outage, but had to switch their fax line to a temporary administration line.  Daviess County dispatchers say they didn’t experience any issues with their service. Director Paul Nave of Owensboro-Daviess County 911 says they have backups for both emergency and other phone lines in case service goes down.

“It’s invaluable because in an emergency, you need to be able to contact us. Our objective is to try to be up 100% all the time, but with technology, things do happen. But we try to be proactive,” says Nave.

Chief Millikan says his department was still able to respond to calls during yesterday’s outage.

Morganfield Police say they didn’t experience any problems during the outage yesterday afternoon.

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(This story was originally published on November 16, 2018)

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