Dixie Residents Continue Cleaning Up After Tornado

The clean up continues in the Henderson County town of Dixie after Saturday’s tornado causes severe damage.

The National Weather Service says a tornado touched down west of town, damaging homes and uprooting trees and knocking out power.

The wind has died down, and the rain has gone away, but some of the signs from the weekend tornado haven’t.

“It was just a lot of wind,” says Brandi Hayden of Dixie.

All that wind on Saturday, caused all this damage, leading to all this cleaning up.

“It was real quick,” says Dave Parsley of Dixie.

“We had a door in the lake, we had all kinds of metal in the lake. We’re just trying to figure out what just came through,” adds Hayden.

The National Weather Service says an EF-0 tornado came through, starting a half a mile west of town, leaving a trail of uprooted trees, damaged homes, and worried residents around the same time a microburst hit Corydon.

“I take care of the little old lady across the street, and she told me her building was gone. So, I tried to call her, get in touch with her, make sure she was O.K. She didn’t answer. So, I went over there real fast.  Her little barn is in the backyard,” says Hayden.
Residents spent the past two days getting trees out of roads and starting repairs.

“I’m just taking care of my own, one thing after another,” says Parsley.

Henderson County emergency officials say no serious injuries were reported in the Dixie storm.  Officials say hundreds of people who lost power in other parts of Henderson County on Saturday had it restored by Sunday night.

“I would’ve assumed it would’ve been the tornado that hit Corydon instead of us, and we would’ve had the winds,” adds Hayden.

Although the National Weather Service said a tornado did go through Dixie, one long time resident said the damage caused by this storm wasn’t as bad as others in the past.

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