Do Not Call List Deadline is Feb. 21

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Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has announced a deadline for the Do Not Call List. Indiana residents have until February 21 to register for the state’s Do Not Call List. This step can help you avoid calls from telemarketers as early as April 1.

“Nobody has time for unwanted phone calls soliciting unwanted goods and services,” Hill said. “Register your phone number on our Do Not Call list and limit the ridiculous phone calls that interrupt dinner with your family, pull you away from important meetings at work, and distract you while you’re driving.”

Hill says even if you register, you’ll still likely receive some phone calls from random, unknown numbers. The easiest way to deal with this, Hill says, is that if you don’t know the number, simply ignore the phone call.

This week Hill launched a telephone privacy campaign called “Do Not Call/Do Not Answer.” It’s aimed at safeguarding Hoosiers from potential phone scams.

The basic idea behind “Do Not Call/Do Not Answer” is to sign up for the Do Not Call List and then if you still have unknown numbers calling, simply don’t answer.

It’s free to register with the Do Not Call List.

Click here to register for the list.

You can also call 1-888-834-9969 to register.

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