Does Your Vote Count this Presidential Election?


Monday was the final day for early voting before Tuesday’s Indiana Primary election. The decision to vote is an easy one for those who hit the polls early.

Evansville’s Central Library is home to countless pages filled with ideas. Tucked away in a second floor study room was a converted voting center, ideas for the country are crafted ahead of the Indiana Primary.

“It will affect the way we all live,” said Walter Everett, “affect what happens to our country, and to our children and grandchildren.”

Tuesday, Indiana takes center stage into a spotlight Hoosiers aren’t typically put. A late-season primary candidates are counting on.

“Indiana will definitely have a say this year,” said Lori Pierce.

Voters in this presidential election say they know the issues.

“I’m worried about North Korea,” said Mark Gentle, “I’m worried about ISIS, I’m worried about terrorists, I’m worried about China, I’m worried about Russia.”

“So much fear,” said Pierce, “I think people are more interested this year.”

And they know the stakes, with an understanding of the process.

“The delegate thing is pretty complicated,” said Jenny Higgs.

But is it worth the effort?

“It’s only one vote,” said Gentile, “but I feel like a little bit here, a little bit there adds up.”

The question: Does your vote count?

“Well, I certainly hope it does,” said Higgs, “because it’s important to me.”

“Even if there are times when I don’t agree with the outcome or it wasn’t the outcome I voted for,” said Dionne Blue, “at least I know I put my stake in to it.”

A stake in an election that could become clearer come this time Tuesday.

“It’s gonna be interesting to watch,” said Pierce.

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