Dog Daycare Closed, Threatened by Vandalism


Debbie Magenheimer has reached her last straw.

Man’s best friend is on the receiving end of a decade-long dispute and Magenheimer is closing shop as things turn violent – protecting what matters to her most.

She’s the owner of O’Hairs Happy Dog Daycare, and she’s saving the dogs by closing.

She says disputes with her next door neighbor have lasted for a decade but they haven’t escalated to violence until now.

“I cannot do this, I mean I can’t have these dogs jeopardized,” she says. “They mean about everything to me.”

She’s dedicated her life to it. Now the lights are fading on her passion.

“I don’t have anywhere to turn,” she says, realizing, at least for now, her livelihood is on hold.

Over the last two weeks, she says her daycare has had 7 windows broken out. Now it’s closed until she feels its safe.

She says her neighbors are the one’s responsible. We know her neighbor’s name and tried to reach him, but he won’t be mentioned since he’s not being charged with any crimes at this time.

The disputes may have started 5 years ago, she says, when she noticed a malnourished horse in her neighbor’s back yard. She reported it to animal control, and that’s when things got heated.

Magenheimer says the threats have been constant, but “he’s never come on the property and vandalized,” she says, “They’ve always just yelled over the fence.”

“One window broken in my house, I can deal with that. Threats, I can deal with that. But when you break the door out of the daycare, we’re done.”

Magenheimer says her neighbor admitted to smashing the windows last week, and surveillance video, she says, is proof.

“He said, ‘Yes, I’m the one that broke your windows out, and I’ll do it again and I’ll do it worse next time.’”

We went next door to ask about these allegations.

Someone from inside the house told us to get off the property.

Magenheimer says she’s filed numerous police reports with EPD, but until things change Happy Dog Daycare remains closed.

“It’s not worth a dollar to have a dog hurt.”

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