HENDERSON, KY. (WEHT) Adam Hines was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease around six years ago. The genetic disease causes cysts to form on the kidneys. His wife Lindsay says she watched his health getting worse. Adam says he was becoming winded after daily activities, especially on the baseball field. On one of their trips back from Louisville Jewish Hospital, Lindsay took action with the power of social media.

“On the ride home I was typing up everything I wanted to say, but I wanted to make sure he was ok with it, so I started writing. I let him read it first, and kind of approve everything,” Lindsay Hines said.

Her Facebook post prompted people to come forward. But there was no organ match.

Adam Hines said, “It’s kind of a tough thing because person after person would say I got this far in testing, and they denied me. Or I got five steps in and they shut me down. We went through that a lot, we went through that for about two years.”

But there was someone who was about to come into their lives. David Gustafson is an Evansville native but now lives in Connecticut. David happened to keep in touch with his favorite high school teacher over the years. That teacher? Adam Hines’ Mom, Carolyn. He saw her Facebook posts about Adam being in need of a donor.

“I felt like it was my parents nudging me and saying maybe this is something you should do, said Gustafson.

And that’s what he did.

Carolyn Hines said, “I just started bawling but I couldn’t help myself because this has been such a struggle for Adam.”

Adam calls David a hero.

“I’m still amazed at what David’s doing for me. He’s going to save my life. And I’m looking forward to that day, said Hines.”

Adam says he can’t wait to get back to his students and baseball team.

(This story was originally published on January 29, 2021)