DAVIESS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT)- Like many schools in the Bluegrass state, the Daviess County Public School Corporation is on the hunt for more bus drivers.

“There is a lot of chain reaction because we are short on drivers,” says Tim Trout, the DCPS Area Coordinator.

To raise awareness about the shortage and recruit candidates, the school corporation hosted a new event called “Test the Bus” today at Deer Park Elementary School. Dozens of people came to see what it is like to drive a bus.

Trout says they have 81 routes this year and are stretched thin.

“We are getting to the point now where field trips during the morning or during the school day, have to stay in Daviess County. Because if we go outside and they get in traffic or something… it could throw the whole district off,” Trout says.

To accommodate drivers asking for time off, extracurricular activities and field trips for students, Trout says they need 20 to 25 more drivers.

“That would allow us to go back and do preschool like we used to do where we would pick them up in the morning and be able to take them in the afternoon and take them home. Right now we don’t have the bus personnel to bring the kids to school,” Trout says.

Trout says he hopes events like “Test the Bus” helps to fill empty spots.

“We are trying to get those who are on the fence to come out and drive a school bus to see if they can do it or not,” Trout says.

Those who got behind the wheel practiced driving the bus on school property, backing into a parking spot, and going through an obstacle course.

“For most people, when they finish driving a bus, they say hey that is not as bad as I thought it would be,” Trout says.

Although driving a bus may not be for everyone, Trout says it is a very rewarding profession.

“It is really neat when you get an invitation in your mail for a wedding or something like that from a kid that was on your school bus or you are walking through Walmart and they grab their mom by the arm and hey mom this is my school bus driver,” Trout says.

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