OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrival of their first two patrol trucks.

Officials say the two Chevys are replacing two out of service vehicles and will be assigned to shift supervisors that are a part of the patrol division.

Brad Youngman, the sheriff of the Daviess County Sheriff’s office, says the change is apart of an upgrade plan that started a year ago. He says that plan includes replacement of all vehicles.

Sheriff Youngman says they’ll help during times where they are required to go off-road, travel in heavy snow, and help with transporting property from crime scenes.

“Maybe that property wont fit in a standard patrol vehicle. [Items] like a large generator, or a dirt bike, things like that. We hate to call a tow truck out to take to our evidence warehouse, [with a] pick-up truck we can kinda handle it in house,” says Sheriff Youngman.

Sheriff Youngman says the two trucks will make an appearance at the Owensboro Christmas Parade on Saturday and encourages residents to come out and support.