E.ON holds first public meeting about wind projects


POSEY COUNTY, In. (WEHT) — For the first time, the public met with the company behind a controversial wind turbine project proposed in Gibson and Posey counties.

That happened at a meeting on Wednesday at North Posey High School.

Neighbors said they have a lot of questions about the project and how it might affect their way of life. They were hoping to find answers here.

“We’re happy that E.ON is finally engaging the community,” said Pocowind member Scott Fisher.

Local grassroots group PoCo Wind has some questions for E.ON Energy, as plans for wind turbines move forward.

“We’ve brought down 5 experts to talk about the concerns that we’ve been hearing across the county,” said E.On Wind Development Manager Karsen Rumpf.

PoCo Wind Questions the affects of shadow flicker, noise distrubances, setback distance and health concerns related to the Turbines, and has recently hit the streets with a turbine replica.

“We put this together really to give people an idea of the scale and size of these turbines,” Fisher told us.

Much of the unease comes from neighbors of those who have signed on to the project.

“Everyone wants to see where the turbine locations would potentially go,” said Rumpf.

Where they go can determine turbine height and other measurements that can affect those neighbors.

“We’re about 3-4 months off with that. There are different things to take into account where those turbines can be placed.”

Community debate isn’t the only obstacle the wind project faced this year: an unusally wet spring hasn’t helped.

“It’s been a horrible year for farmers,” Rumpf says, “So I’ve really been trying to leave them alone and come back to them when they have more time.”

But besides neighbors and E.ON employees, there is a third group of people who say they showed up for mostly personal reasons.

“I’m here for my 10-year-old granddaughter […] because it’s her future I worry about,” says Jean Webb. “We just have to go to renewables.”

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