Eagle Scout Project At Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department


A proud young man from Mount Vernon is now officially an Eagle Scout. The dedication of his project was unveiled at the Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department this past Sunday. 

This Eagle Scout project cost almost $5,000, much higher than the average cost of $1,000. 16-year-old Forrest Gottman had his heart set on what he wanted. 

Forrest Gottman is in troop 397. He’s a proud Eagle Scout.

“You serve your community as much as you possibly can and it’s such a great honor to achieve it,” he said.

“He understands through scouting giving back to your community and not just taking,” said his mother, Loretta Gottman.

Forrest says getting that medal wasn’t exactly easy. He says it’s been a lot of hard work and dedication.

“We had to plan with the concrete companies and their existing plans for the concrete that they already had laid down,” he said.

Forrest sets his eyes on what he wants.

“I wasn’t real surprised because everything he’s does has got to be big and always wants to do something on a bigger scale, he’s like his dad like that,” his mother said. “They think real big.”

His Eagle Scout project consisted of a helipad for the Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department.

“Helicopters used to have to land on either the highway or Westech fence building and that was very dangerous considering that they had debris and had to stop traffic. So this is more of a centralized area for our region,” Forrest said.

Loretta Gottman works as a advancement chair for her sons troop. She says her son’s work ethic comes from his father, an electrician who helped install the electric at the top of the fire department for the windsock.

“They just have the coordinates and they plug it into the helicopter and it tells them where to go,” said Forrest.

A fireman says on average, a helicopter is needed one to two times a month. Now, the helipad will help with a safe landing and Forrest Gottman couldn’t be more proud of his project.

“If one life is saved from the benefit of this helipad, then it is completely worth doing it,” he said.

Forrest raised $1,000 of the total cost. The Marrs Township Volunteer Fire Department helped with the remaining $4,000.

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