GIBSON COUNTY, In (WEHT)- A special public meeting at the East Gibson School District resulted in the acceptance of the resignation of former superintendent James Wilson.

The school board meeting comes after Wilson was sent to a recovery center.

Parents and teachers were looking for answers on what led to the former superintendent not being allowed on school property.

“The last couple of weeks we’ve heard nothing and basically showed up to the meeting, got a piece of paper and still heard nothing,” said Adam Chitwood, a parent of three students in the school district. “A little bit of details on his severance package and what not, but I still don’t know what the heck went on.”

Attorney for East Gibson School District Jason Splinder says nothing criminal happened leading to Wilson not being allowed on school property.

“Job related issues, job performance related issues, I should say,” stated Jason Splinder, attorney for the East Gibson School District. “There was a lot of a lot of comments on social media, most of which was not true. It was strictly a job performance situation. The subsequent trouble that he found himself in and Vanderburgh county with the pending OWI case, that happened approximately five or six days after he received the notice of intent from the school board,” Splinder added.

Parents, Teachers and others found out that Wilson is no longer the superintendent.

“Additionally, there is a contract essentially that’s been provided to the media and essentially says that he’ll continue to receive pay for the next three months, but will also continue to receive benefits from the corporation for that same period of time,” explained Splinder.

For Chitwood it’s all about the safety of his children.

“So I think this school has a lot to offer. it’s a is a small town school, but I think it’s a good school. at the end of the day, it’s just bad communication,” said Chitwood. “I think they clean that up, we’d actually make a lot of strides here in the community.”

One teacher said Wilson was a great superintendent and always did a great job. A former student said Wilson was her principal and superintendent and that he did an outstanding job in her eyes.

If you would like to read the School District’s full statement, you can down below.