OAKLAND CITY, Ind. (WEHT) – Parents in the East Gibson School District are growing frustrated over a lack of answers about the district’s superintendent. Social media posts have circulated claiming superintendent James Wilson has been barred from school property, but school officials are keeping quiet. Parents are voicing their frustrations about a lack of transparency from the school district, and say whether or not an incident occurred, families deserve to know before sending their kids to school.

Answers as to what did or did not happen are hard to come by as school officials, including elected school board members, are being tight-lipped about the superintendent’s status. After reaching out to the district office, Eyewitness News was directed to contact the district’s attorney, Jason Spindler, who says there is no restraining order in place against Mr. Wilson. However, when asked if Wilson is being barred from school property, Spindler replied, “No comment.”

We also reached out to several school board members. One board member who answered our call says the board has been instructed to not speak on this topic. Residents in the district are divided, with one person telling us off-camera that they believe nothing is happening, while another resident says they are frustrated and the situation seems suspicious.

Others even claim Wilson was arrested, however both the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office and Indiana State Police tell Eyewitness News they have no record of Wilson being arrested within their agencies. We will continue to search for answers and provide any new information as it becomes available.