East side residential road caves in


A major sinkhole has developed along Cass Avenue leaving some neighbors upset and even hurt.

Today city engineers say they are working as hard as they can to get it fixed.

“We’re just disappointed because we lived here not a year and I’ve had this issue to live with.”

Robin McElfresh says this massive sinkhole in front of her home started off as a small crack in the road.

“Eventually I drove over it one morning with a pretty heavy-duty truck and it collapsed on me as I drove through it.”

McElfresh said she and other Cass Avenue residents called the city about the caving road.

“They were already aware that there were cracks in the road, but they didn’t understand how bad it was. Everyone that called in  kept telling them it’s a sinkhole you know you need to do something about it.”

City workers have since barricaded the road leaving some residents with no access to their driveways.

McElfresh says she also sprained her ankle while getting out of her truck due to the uneven road.

“I wish that hadn’t had happened because now I’m going to be in a boot all summer, and I was last summer too.”

City engineers say they are investigating the situation along with five other sinkholes across the city. 

“The first step is to figure out what the cause is we don’t want to do a patch and not address the root cause just to have it fail again, ” says city engineer Jennifer Blankenship.

Blankenship says city council deals with funding and the Mayor’s department which could take some time to receive.

In the meantime, she advises residents to be careful.

“Definitely don’t move the barricades and you know take caution and those barricades are there for a reason and also to be patient I know it looks like not much is going on but you know internally there is a lot of going on, and we are trying to get this resolved and open as soon as possible.”

“We’re hoping to get a resolution we’re also hoping that it happens quickly because every week a section falls in more and more and more.”

City engineers said if there are no issues found in the pipelines this can be resolved within a week after funding. 

However, if the pipeline is damaged the repairs could take some time.

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(This story was originally published on June 13, 2019)

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