Election Board Certifies Ballots and Address Past Issues

(Vanderburgh County) — Friday, the Vanderburgh County Election Board met for the first time since Election day to certify the results. There were also a number of issues that were addressed about this last election season. As Eyewitness News reported in September more than 160 absentee ballots may have been sent out without the necessary signatures of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Notices were sent out to voters. Vanderburgh County Clerk, Debbie Stuckie says that around 20 faulty ballots were returned. Other mishaps were addressed including voters who were given provisional ballots in error.

“There were some folks who had moved, should’ve been allowed to vote and had to vote provisional ballot,” said Election Board Member, Rob Faulkner. “So, every election you have some issues that come up that you have to deal with after the fact”.

A damaged flash drive caused votes from one precinct to be missing momentarily. We’re told a poll worker did not remove it properly from the machine.

“You’re always gonna have some issues that people aren’t always trained the best. It’s fairly complex. Some people have poll workers make mistakes.”

Friday’s results had no effect on recent races.The board reviewed more than 75  provisional ballots. At least eight voters were asked to return to the clerk’s office with proper identification to ensure their ballots would count.

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