HENDERSON, KY (WEHT)– Ellis Park reopens their casino gaming area after closing down for system upgrades. Officials told Eyewitness News this system will bring Ellis Park into the 21st century- with a more user-friendly feel.

“You can get your promos a lot quicker, your prepay a lot quicker, we’ve just upgraded the experience for our guests here,” marketing manager Alison Nicholson said.

It’s part of a plan that went into works two years ago as new owners took over. Officials said updating the gaming system is just part of what they have planned- there’s more in the works.

“Stay tuned. We should have some things to say in the very near future within the next few months and we are dilligently working on getting started and regaining funding for our expansions we promised when we first got here,” general manager Jeffery Inman said.

Officials hope to bring more people into the Henderson and tristate area with these upgrades. They said they’re grateful for the community’s support so far.

“For us that’s very important to be one with the community and to keep it in the community. And who knows? Maybe we’re the next Churchill Downs- wouldn’t that be great,” Nicholson said.

“We’re very very touched by the support that we get from the community here in the tristate area,” Inman said.