EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– The Jacobsville neighborhood in Evansville is experiencing regrowth, and tonight, more help is on the way.

Embrace, the University of Evansville student-run marketing and communications agency and Fifth Third Bank have announced the renewal of a $15,000 grant to expand services outside of The Jacobsville Advantage.

“It means opportunity, and it means growth. especially with marketing. A lot of those start-up non-profits or business are just trying to build their name,” says Irais Ibarra, the Chief Executive Officer of Embrace.

Ibarra is just one piece of the student-led agency that works to bring awareness to the Jacobsville neighborhood.

“The neighborhood is just so underfunded and it is a great opportunity to build support. They are trying to build their businesses and now we just get to step in and help them,” says Rachel Fisher, the Creative Director of Embrace.

The Jacobsville Advantage started in 2021. Fifth Third Bank provided an additional $25,000 grant, and later invested another $15,000. With those funds, Embrace completed five projects within the last year with Jacobsville businesses. Project highlights include designing a flyer for Gala Cake and a map brochure for the Jacobsville Community Cooperative.

“It feels good to see them succeed in what they are doing. I just hope that this brings awareness to this community and grows Evansville as a whole, says Fisher.

For more information about Embrace, visit embracemarcomm.com.