EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Evansville Police Department say officers arrested a GameStop employee on Wednesday afternoon.

Officers say they were called to GameStop located at South Red Bank Road after a GameStop district manager called and reported an employee for theft and fraud.

According to authorities, Ticen Houchin, 19, of Evansville, started working at GameStop in late October and started creating loss on the store four days later.

Reports show when the officers arrived, the manager explained how Houchin created false trade-ins for items like iPhone and video game controllers and put the money on gift cards which he took home. The total amount of fraudulent trade-ins is $ 4,758.70. Additionally, officers say the items stolen from the store amounted to $3,770, adding up to a total of $8,528.70.

The manager also said Houchin admitted to taking the following items from the store:

  • 4 Play Station 5’s
  • Steering wheel with pedals set
  • 2 Video games
  • 3 Funko Pop toys
  • 8 packs of Pokémon booster packs
  • Pokémon trainer box
  • Pokémon VStar box
  • 2 Xbox controllers
  • 2 Nintendo Switch’s

Officers received a signed document from Houchin in his own writing about the fraud and theft he committed on the store and the items he took. Police say officers talked with Houchin in the back of GameStop and noted that he was completely cooperative and upset about what he did.

Before Houchin was taken into custody, he told officers he had one of the gift cards in his wallet.

Houchin was arrested on the charges of:

  • Theft Value At Least $750 But LESS THAN $50,000
  • Fraud

Houchin was released.