EPD Believe Gang Feud Behind Shooting That Injured Four Teens


Evansville Police have made an arrest in Monday night’s shooting that injured four teens. Police also believe social media and an ongoing feud between two gangs played a role.

16-year-old Jarnell Carter was arrested late Tuesday night.

He’s charged with four counts of attempted murder and is being tried as an adult.

The shootings happened around 10:30 Monday night near Cherry and Bedford.

Police say Carter is part of the D-Block Gang which has been feuding with another gang, called the Cream Team.

The two groups had apparently been feuding on social media stemming from a murder in 2015.

Police say Carter and his group arrived to the scene and tried to pick a fight.

That’s when police say Carter opened fire.

Sgt. Jason Cullum with EPD says, “You have individuals that by all accounts aren’t mature enough to make good decisions. They’re doing things based on emotion. They’re not thinking about their future or the immediate impact on those around them, but they’re armed with a gun and they’re pulling the trigger.”

Carter denied being at the scene and then invoked his rights.

In the affidavit, police said it was amazing that only four people were shot considering more than 20 shots were fired.

The four victims suffered only minor injuries.

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