EPD Searching for Suspects in Shots Fired Incident


Evansville Police say many rounds of shots rang out near the corner of Sweetser and Garvin during an exchange of gunfire striking a vehicle Tuesday evening.

EPD say seven shots were fired.

Officers believe that it was an exchange of gunfire and are looking for multiple gunmen. They believe one of them was in a black vehicle.

A car parked nearby was damaged by bullets. A toddler was also caught in the middle, though he was not hit by a bullet, but tripped and hurt his head.

Police are still searching for the suspects, however, they say they are not getting any witness cooperation.

“When we don’t have witnesses come forward it hinders our ability to solve problems like this in these incidents,” said Sgt. John McQuay.

That toddler who fell and hit its head is said to be okay.

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