EPD Sifts Through Debris Seeking Answers

Police teams were still on the scene, looking through the debris field on North Green River Road around 4 p.m. trying to find answers as to what happened Thursday morning.

It all started with a phone call about a suspicious man in a McDonalds. Police arrested Caleb Loving Thursday morning after a customer at the McDonalds on the 3300 block of North Green River road called police about a suspicious man. Police say they found loving wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying multiple knives and hatchets. Loving was also carrying a bag that police say contained a Molotov cocktail and a pipe bomb. Both were taken care of by police.

Businesses in the area were told to evacuate, and North Green River Road has been blocked off all the way to Morgan Avenue.

“It’s a pretty safe neighborhood. Nothing really goes on, there’s no crime. I hardly ever see cops around here. I’m really surprised that this happened, especially at this McDonald’s,” said Tri-State Auto Center employee Noah Simmons.

Police say Loving also dropped another bag near Evansville Day School. But, that bag didn’t contain anything hazardous.

Police say Loving is also connected to the Sugar Mill Creek fire from early Thursday morning.

Loving is being held at the Vanderburgh County Jail.

EPD says crews are now going through the debris and trying to piece together the contents of the pipe bomb,  while also looking for anything else Loving may have left.

Police are asking anyone with information, or anyone seeing anything suspicious to contact them.

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