OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — When Estes’ Elementary School received a 2-star rating in their 2019 school assessment, Ryan Williams, the Bulldogs’ principal, knew he needed to do something big to get student’s attention.

So naturally, Williams promised to get a tattoo of the school logo if they improved their ratings.

“My, probably, last tattoo that I received was out of a Cracker Jack box when I was seven,” says Williams.

This year, Estes’ test scores were among the best in the district. So, Williams had to make good on his promise, no bones about it.

“We’ve done kissing a pig, kissing dogs, wearing dresses…you want to leave your mark on the world. Well, these students flipped it and they are literally leaving their mark on me,” says Williams.

Officials say the elementary school now has 3 stars and saw the most improvement in reading, math and writing scores.

Nearly 500 students poured into their morning assembly to see their top dog, and Ashley Monarch stenciled the bulldog on his arm 5 minutes before.

“This was about them. So, [as] a woman in her career… as a mom, this was such an honor. It was such an honor to be asked.” says Monarch.

“I’m not for sure if I got much sleep last night. So, I was really nervous,” says Williams.

The principal says he hopes the impact expands into the futures of the youth.

Khyren McHenry, a fourth grader at Estes, says he knew Williams could do it.

“Because he’s brave enough to do it. If he was in front of [me] right now [I] would tell him ‘nice tattoo’,” says McHenry.