EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A popular arcade on Evansville’s west side is searching for answers after owners discovered a shattered window during a routine walkthrough. But how it happened, and who is responsible, remains a mystery, and the business is left wondering, was this an accident, or something malicious?

Clint Hoskins was performing a routine weekend inspection with his co-owner at High Score Player Two arcade in Evansville when they noticed a startling discovery; a shattered window in one of their game rooms.

“My first thought when Jared showed me was, ‘Aw shucks, it was something we did wrong, that puck went flying’,” says Hoskins. A simple accident, or so he initially thought. That theory was debunked after two glass specialists inspected the damage.

“They both said you would have had to throw this at the window to break it,” explains Hoskins. “We’re about six feet from the window, the puck weighs maybe an ounce, and they just don’t, they’re not going to carry that well.”

Hoskins accepts that this very well may have been an accident and not something intentional. However, he admits he is disheartened that no one has come forward.

“It’s just things like that, taking accountability and saying, I broke this thing,” says Hoskins. “It just would have been nice for someone to reach out and say, ‘Hey, I broke your window, what can I do?’. And we would have responded, ‘Nothing, it was an accident’.”

Hoskins says it will cost $1,600 to replace the damaged window, adding to previous damage costs incurred since opening the west side location in July 2020. The impacts go beyond the cost to repair. Each month, a new game is introduced at the arcade for all to enjoy. However, due to the damaged window, Hoskins says High Score cannot afford a new game for the month of December.

In the midst of disappointment is a silver lining. The Evansville community has stepped in to offer their support of the business after this incident. Hoskins says the arcade has sold as mnay gift cards over one weekend as they do in one entire month.

“As disheartening as it is whenever bad things happen,” says Hoskins, “it is always a reminder that the people who really care about what we do and care about what we bring to the west side of Evansville always do continue to support us.”