There are World Series babies… Super Bowl babies… and now there are eclipse babies. Deaconess Women’s Hospital got to see it all yesterday, the eclipse and the miracle of life.

Yesterday’s eclipse was a rare and special sight for many, a once in a lifetime event, while some were experiencing small miracles inside.

Deaconess Women’s Hospital delivers babies every day, but those born yesterday receiving an extra surprise.. eclipse onesies to celebrate both events.

“So something to remember their day by,” said nurse Rachel Stratman.

Nurses, doctors and patients all trying to get a glimpse of the moment the moon passed in front of the sun.

“We all got to take turns, tapping people out, letting them go outside while we were watching the moms on their heart strips and stuff,” said Stratman.

But Shayna Murray, in labor for 12 hours, was able to witness both wonders.
“I had my epidural at seven that morning and then I started pushing around 12 and had her at 1:32,” said Murray.

The eclipse signaling the big moment.

Giving birth just eight minutes after the moon covered the sun in Evansville.

“I was pushing and looking out the window and it gradually got darker. Then it was dark all the way then when she was out it was gradually getting lighter,” said Murray.

And if you’re wondering about her name, it’s Ahmaria Elizabeth. A family name, going against friends telling her to name her Eclipse.

Knowing that the bundle of joy in her arms is unlike any other, “My daughter was born during it so i think she’s special,” said Murray.

And at the end of the day, the hospital delivered 10 eclipse newborns. But Ahmaria’s timing making the whole event even more special.

“What’s the odds of having her same day same time,” said Murray.

(This story was originally published August 22, 2017)