EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – At least three times a week, four friends suit up, clamp up and pump up for an early morning ride through northern Vanderburgh County. But come Saturday, they’ll do 104 miles, all for a good cause.

The Tour de Komen is the newest Komen breast cancer fundraiser in Indiana. It leaves the town of Fishers, winds around Indy and runs down Highway 40 to end in Terre Haute.

Mario Leavell rode the Tour de Komen in 2021.

“We were riding through towns, people are clapping, people are cheering. It’s a sense of pride of doing something,” Leavell explained.

He talked his long time biking buddies into riding it this year. First, Jordan Fenwick.

“I’m like, ‘100 miles?’ And he’s like, ‘we can do it!'”

Then, Matt Menke.

“When you’re in the Peloton, you don’t feel wind, so it’s like a Sunday cruise.”

But Zach Huggins only picked up peddling in May.

“You don’t want to be the guy that drops.”

But there’s a big reason Zach won’t let that happen. His mom is a breast cancer survivor, and still fighting.

“She’s currently fighting brain cancer, and she’s gonna be at the finish line, so you bet I’m gonna finish.”

Jordan also rides for his own grandmother, who died from breast cancer when he was just 8-years-old.

“My maw-maw, she was my best friend when I was a kid,” Jordan said. “This is to honor her. I’ll be wearing one of her necklaces that my mom had the whole ride.”

These guys set a swift pace. Working together, around cars and potholes, constantly pushing, each having the other’s backs.

You can support the four of them by donating to their team called TDBG. You can make your donations online. And another Komen fundraiser is coming up: The More Than Pink Walk. For more information, including how to register, click here.