Evansville businesses still looking for help


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA (WEHT)— Walking in through the doors of Gerst Haus, people will notice some signs hanging up. One sign reads “Help Needed- All Positions” and dining room supervisor Brian Adcock said that’s because the restaurant is very short-staffed in the kitchen. It’s a trend he said is seen all over.

“I think that reason is different for everybody. Some people are trying to improve themselves with this extra time off they’ve been able to spend, some people don’t want to return to the restaurant industry because they saw how unstable it can be at times,” Adcock said.

As a result, wait times are also higher. Adcock said it’s also resulting in a shift in which days they are open.

“The Gerst Haus will start closing on Mondays until further notice just until we can get our kitchen staffed up,” Adcock said.

An issue seen in similar instances right across the street at Smitty’s. Shift manager Regina Burns said they too are struggling to fully staff up.

“We’ve got a pretty full staff on the floor right now as far as servers- but our kitchen is lacking. Dish tank is lacking. Those are the places we’re having a hard time finding people,” Burns said.

This results in a game of catch up sometimes at the restaurant.

“We had to close the restaurant for a couple of hours and stop seating people. We didn’t actually close, we just stopped seating people for a couple of hours so we could catch up,” Burns said.

Both places saying they need one thing:

“A body. Anybody that breathes. Anybody that’s willing to work and work hard,” Burns said.

“Hiring any and everybody. We’re willing to train anybody,” Adcock said.

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