Evansville, Ind. (WEHT) It has now been a month and a half since Russia invaded Ukraine.

As we continue to see heartbreaking images from the war, communities are coming together to pray.

Grace of Church of Christ Slavic Church in Evansville is the latest church to hold a service.

People of all walks of life and ethnicities came together to pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ living in or escaping Ukraine.

Eugene Inzhirov is one of the ministers of the church. He says that prayer has helped him cope.

“It brings peace, brings hope, and focuses your eyes on what’s greater. Christ gives us peace. And we should come to him with our anxieties and problems,” he said.

Edward Huff is a retired hospital chaplain and fourth generation Ukrainian on his mother’s side. He says that it is important to know what to pray about.

“By being aware of what is going on, by being conscious of our blessings and of all the people who are suffering,” Huff said.

He says he prays for the hearts of those fleeing and those fighting.

“If it softens the hearts of one person at a time- that is the most that we can ask for.”

Inzhirov says that are several ways you can pray. You can pray for God to end the war and bring peace in Ukraine. You can pray for the refugees and for those rescuing civilians. You can also pray for Russia and ask for God to change their hearts.