Evansville Couple Flustered with Bridal Warehouse After Fire

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — A month after firefighters extinguished the fire at the Bridal Warehouse, the store is still feeling the heat after an Evansville couple is claiming the store lied to them about replacing a wedding dress destroyed in the fire.

“It’s just a dress but it’s a night we’ll all remember,” Shannon Long, an Evansville bride-to-be, said. “It’s going to be in all our pictures. When we’re 50 years old, that’s what we’re going to have.”

Finding the perfect dress for the big day can be challenging.

“It has a little more of a nontraditional feel, which is what I wanted since it’s a Halloween wedding,” Long said.

Long and her fiance, Zach Alcorn, are getting married on October 31. Long started looking for her perfect dress back in December, finally finding one at Bridal Warehouse off North Green River Road.

“I know she absolutely fell in love with it when she tried it on,” Alcorn said.

Long had been paying off installments on her dress, which was on layaway. She said she had one more payment left when the fire destroyed the store, and with it, Long’s dress.

She said Bridal Warehouse first told her the dress was no longer made and could not be replaced. But after looking around, Long found the dress was still available from the designer. She confronted Bridal Warehouse, which said it could order the dress again for her, but it would cost her twice as much.

“I called the corporate office again and I asked them, why can you not honor your original pricing? You had issued a statement with the news channels that you would replace the dresses that had burnt in the fire,” she said. “They just said, no, we can’t.”

“If they had just been honest and been like, we can replace it, but we’ll have to charge you more because we have to, at the beginning, it would have been a different story, but they said they just couldn’t get it at all,” Alcorn said.

The couple is working on getting another dress with a different company in Newburgh, though Long will have to pay much more than she had originally planned. And while Long and Alcorn hope the dress debacle will not affect their wedding, it will not be something easily forgotten.

“It’s heartbreaking to watch them string her along and string her along and essentially just tell her, sorry, but you’re out of luck,” Alcorn said.

“I’m definitely never going to get married again,” Long said. “This has been definitely frustrating and this has… I never knew planning weddings could be this complicated, and on top of that, it’s doubly complicated.”

Eyewitness News reached out to Bridal Warehouse for comment and left a voicemail, which was not returned at the time of airing.

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