Evansville family featured on Netflix docuseries


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – One Evansville family was featured on Netflix docuseries “Surviving Death,” released in early January.

Erica Auberry and her son Atlas were featured on the show which explores personal stories of near death experiences and in the case of Atlas, it’s about reincarnation.

“Some people said reincarnation isn’t true but the very first time Atlas spoke about the past life, I knew it was something real,” Auberry said.

The story begins when 7-year-old Atlas was just one and a half years old. He started having night terrors, his eyes would be open and he would scream like he was in pain and it happened for years.

“I was just worried like I was limiting anything he was watching, I didn’t know what would be scaring him because he would be screaming in pain,” Auberry explained. “I thought maybe he was dreaming of something scary, I just did not know what to do, because I would have to talk him awake, like you’re safe, you’re okay, wake up, you know trying to get him to get out of it because he would be doing it for so long and kicking and screaming and it was sad to realize maybe he was dreaming about the experience that was bad.”

Auberry said Evansville doctors really had no answer for why Atlas would have the night terrors.

“We talked about emotions and stuff like that, and they never really touched on the dreams or anything like that,” Auberry said. “So we would just talk to the therapist and talk about ways to calm him down, after about six months I was like I don’t feel like this is going anywhere, he is still having the night terrors and this isn’t going anywhere.”

Auberry was eventually able to find Dr. Jim Tucker, an out of state child psychiatrist, who helped her navigate what was going on, eventually leading to being featured on the Netflix show.

“So it was just crazy because for one, Atlas is saying this story that I think is just crazy and amazing and weird, and then this doctor wants to fly out here and bring a documentary crew and I’m like oh my gosh what’s happening,” Auberry said.

Auberry said Atlas began talking about his past life in vivid detail – to the point that she was able to confirm the person he talked about – a 19-month old who was murdered in New York in 2005 actually existed.

“i thought he was just being silly, so I said oh okay, so if you have another family what were their names?” Auberry said. “And he said well my mom, her name is Washington but name was Jaylen Robinson.”

Auberry said she believes in her son, and that this experience is life changing.

“I’m not here to change people’s views, change people’s minds, I’m just sharing his story,” Auberry said. “You know I’ve heard of reincarnation in the past, is that true or not, I don’t know but when Atlas said that it just makes you think, I don’t think anyone on this earth has the correct answer, nobody knows and we just get stuck in these views, that I think we don’t want to listen to things that are different and that’s where some of the negativity comes from because it makes them question themselves.” 

The ‘Surviving Death’ episode featuring Auberry is the sixth and final episode, and was originally filmed nearly two years ago.

Since being featured, Auberry said she has received a very positive response from across the nation and world.

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(This story was originally published on January 14, 2021)

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