HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-The Evansville Fire Department held a confined spaces rescue training today. During the training firefighters practice in a trench that is six feet deep and over 20 feet long.

They use different kinds of equipment and techniques to rescue someone who has become trapped in places like a ditch or other areas that could lead them to be trapped under loose dirt.

Fire chief Keith Bowden says this training is important because this type of rescue is becoming more common.

“Usually it’s, you know, city work along the roads. Obviously, they’re putting in water lines, sewer lines. But you can have someone with a backhoe digging in their back yard, which we have had. Not doing things properly, suring up the ground. You know soil is very heavy, it moves very fast. Any kind of vibration, that’s going to come in on top of you.”

Chief Bowden says his goal with every confined space call is to “make it a rescue and not a recovery.”