Evansville fire sends two to hospital, missing family pets found


Evansville firefighters spent the early part of Tuesday morning fighting a house fire on East Florida near Heidelbach.

The initial call came in at 4:17 a.m.

EFD arrived on scene two minutes after that, and reported heavy flames coming from the house. The fire was mostly contained to the house but at least one house next door suffered damage to the exterior.

A couple living inside was able to get out safely. Both a man and woman went to the hospital to be checked out.

After learning they were okay, the people living in the house went back to Florida street to search for their pets.

They were able to find their cat, but spent hours searching for their lost dog. After a few hours, the family was reunited with their dog Jaax as well.

Roads in the area were temporarily closed for a few hours.

The cause of the fire is currently undetermined as fire investigators remain at the scene.


“Firefighters have extinguished the flames, now they’re in the process of working those hot spots, making sure that nothing rekindles here. This is on Florida right near the intersection of Heidelbach, you can see the flames are out at this time, but there’s still a lot of smoke coming out of the house. The call came in roughly around 4:30 this morning as a structure fire. You can see this home here is very close to two other homes on the 100 block of Florida and so that was a concern for the firefighters was that the flames would begin to spread to another house to the left or the right and most likely those houses may have sustained some damage. As I’m looking to the right here at one of the homes I can see the door is open so the family there was most likely evacuated. The flames were so intense that firefighters actually had to come out of the house and tackle the fire from the outside, going defensive if you will. Now they have two latter trucks going right now, the one on the right when it came to the scene they began to use it and it greatly began to put the flames out and then another latter truck arriver here on the left side and they’re still spraying a lot of water on the house right now, you can see a lot of firefighters standing outside the home as the water continues to be sprayed at this time but I haven’t seen any flames since I’ve been here at the scene but none the less there’s still a lot of water that has to be put on this to make sure that nothing rekindles. At this time the fire investigator is on scene in fact I see him walking towards our camera right now, so I will speak with him soon to see if he has any details as to what could have caused this fire. Right now the flames are out but they’re still going to have to work the hot spots and then they’ll have to go in using their pipe coals, pulling things off the walls, digging into the walls to see if there’s any hot spots inside that they may have to put out so still very active here at the intersection of Heidelbach and Florida as the structure fire call came in around 4:30.”


“I just want my baby found, I want my dog. Well you’ve got your cat, you’ve got Tigress. Now  I’m not too sure how this is going to show up on camera John, John’s my photographer, this is Jaax, I’m going to show you Jaax on my phone. This is Jaax right here, I’ve got two pictures I want to show off this morning and I haven’t had a change to get on my social media this morning  because I had this live report, this is Jaax right there, I’m going to  swipe over and he’s got a marking on the back, you kind of said he looks like a bunny, now how old is Jaax? He’s about to be 5 months on the first. So five months on the first, I’ve spoken with the district fire chief and he says no pets have been found inside, so they haven’t found Jaax. You said the doors were open though? Yes we opened the front door, my boyfriend opened the back door and we both ran out different doors. Jaax has a blue collar on it looks like here, is there any other kind of name tags or phone numbers on his collar? No it’s just a regular blue collar we didnt have any money to get any name tags yet so, he’s friendly he doesn’t bite, he might growl but it’s just because we try to teach him to  be a guard dog. He is the most loving things you’ll ever see, he loves people.”

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(This story was originally published on April 17, 2018)

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