Evansville Housing Nonprofit Helps Another Nonprofit Replace Funding


An Evansville nonprofit steps in to help a fellow nonprofit after the federal government cuts its funding.

Evansville-based Aurora recently had $166,000 cut by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

That HUD money helped fund the agency’s homeless outreach program.

Echo Housing and the City of Evansville are stepping in to help.

Echo is contributing $15,000 and the city is putting in $16,000.

“We all do different pieces of it but when push comes to shove, it’s us versus them. We are a unit. We are always supportive of each other when we can,” says Stephanie Tenbarge, executive director of Echo Housing.

“I can’t imagine very few communities out there where the city would get behind an agency and another non profit would donate funds to another non-profit is unheard of. I think it’s phenomenal,” says Brian Kerney, executive director of Aurora.

This will buy some time keep the program funded for two months, while Aurora figures out what to do next.

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