Evansville Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing from Cars

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An Evansville man has been arrested for allegedly breaking into cars and stealing items.

Evansville Police arrested Jeffery D. Lovell on Tuesday after officers say he left his wallet with identification and a pocket knife inside a vehicle he had broken into.

That day, dispatch received six calls reporting break-ins in the 2300 block of W. Franklin St.

Once they found his ID, officers say they then went to Lovell’s last known address which was in the 2400 block of W. Virginia St.

Once officers arrived at the address, they say they saw him in the area of a shed in the backyard with a lawn mower and golf bag containing clubs in plain view.

Officers say those items were stolen from a previous theft case.

Lovell already had two active warrants for thefts he allegedly committed at the Tropicana parking garage on Monday.

Lovell is charged with burglary, motor vehicle theft, and automobile theft.

Other Reports

The Evansville Police Department has received over 20 reports of thefts and break-ins to cars, sheds and garages in the 2300 to 2600 blocks of W. Franklin St. and W. Virginia St.

The items taken have ranged from loose change to tools and lawn care equipment.

The police department say all of these reports have taken place in about a four-block radius of Lovell’s address.

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