EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — An Evansville man is facing multiple charges after two of his dogs were found dead in his yard Monday afternoon.

Evansville Police were called to the 900 block of North Lincoln Park Drive around 3:00 p.m Monday afternoon for an animal compliant.

When officers arrived, an animal control officer was also on scene. The compliant referred to four dogs in need of help due to weather conditions.

The animal control officer told EPD that when he arrived he found one dog already dead due to heat exhaustion.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature at the time was 97 degrees.

The animal control officer said while trying to move the dogs inside for water and air conditioning, another dog died.

EPD officers found a patch of dirt behind the house with a metal fenced cage on top it with no other shade besides an “Igloo” brand plastic dog house. Three empty and upside down water bowls were also found.

Officers spotted a German Shepherd dog with rigor mortis dead in the backyard infested in flies inside a hole the dog appeared to have dug to escape the closure’s gate.

They also found a second dead German Shepherd dead infested in flies that appeared to not have been fed regularly and looked thin.

The animal control officer said when he arrived on scene, three of the dogs at the time were crammed into the doghouse to escape the heat. He told EPD the second died while he was on scene from heat exhaustion.

The remaining two German Shepherd dogs were taken to a veterinarian by Animal Control.

While on scene, the dogs’ owner Jolan Hunter showed up to the house.

As officers placed Hunter in to custody, they asked him why the dogs were not provided shade.

Hunter said he had a tarp placed for the dogs, but the dogs had torn down the tarp and his son threw it away.

Hunter told officers his son checked on the dogs and gave them water at 10 a.m. Monday leaving them unattended for five hours.

Hunter said his son was not at home and he had been sleeping when officers first arrived at his house.

EPD tells Eyewitness News Hunter restrained the dogs in such a way that endangered their health and failed to provide food and water and exposed them to excessive heat.

Hunter told EPD that the names of the dogs that died were “Queeny” and “Beast.” The dogs still alive names are “Vicious” and “Kobe.”

Hunter also had an order of protection protecting Hunter’s son from him.

Hunter is facing four charges of animal neglect. He has been released from the Vanderburgh County Jail on Bond.