Evansville Man Granted Another Chance to Become a Firefighter

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Two months ago, Eyewitness News reported about a local man wanting to be an Evansville firefighter, only to be told no because of a city ordinance and his military history. Now that man is getting another chance.

Last fall, the Evansville City Council passed an ordinance saying fire department applicants who served in the military could not have anything less than an honorable discharge.

In February, Clinton Maclin took his case before the council after being denied from the EFD. 10 years ago, he was granted “entry level separation” from the Navy after it was revealed he was nearly blind in one eye.

On Tuesday night, Maclin’s attorney appeared before the Fire Merit Commission saying the city council is now reviewing the ordinance as it may go against a federal law that protects veterans with Maclin’s discharge. 

The commission then voted 3-0 to allow Maclin to start the application process. One comissioner abstained while another was absent.

As for the ordinance, the city council is said to be working on an amendment.

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