Evansville Man Wrecks Twice In One Night

Evansville Man Wrecks Twice In One Night_-181157051955854719

An Evansville man wrecks twice in one night causing thousands of dollars in damages. The first wreck happened Saturday evening around 7:00 at the intersection of Broadway and Barker Avenue, then less than two hours police say the same driver caused a second wreck at Broadway and Ewing. At the second scene police arrested Delbert Teague for driving while under the influence, but they say he was not drunk. Ashley Schneider says she was home watching TV when she heard a loud crash, that crash police say was Delbert Teague running into her parked car. Investigators say this was Teague’s second crash of the night, he was given a breathalyzer at both scenes and showed no signs of alcohol, but police say Teague was under the influence of drugs and pills. Schneider says she went to school with Teague but she holds no grudges after he totaled her car. But many people are asking why Teague wasn’t arrested after the first crash. Schneider is getting a rental and moving on, happy to be alive and not a victim in her own car crash. Police say Teague was under the influence of medication  and also say he admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier in the day.

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