EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– What began as a disappointment turned into a blessing. Now, a local blind veteran is thanking the Evansville Police Department for going above and beyond.

Ron Williams walked to a gas station down the road from where he lives. He came home 20 minutes later to nothing.

“Cups, plates, silverware, everything was dumped into bags. My neighbors saw them walk off with a shopping cart,” Williams says.

Williams had been robbed. Everything was gone in the blink of an eye. He called Evansville Police to make a report. 24 hours later, officers were on his doorstep with bags of donations.

“Those officers pitched in so much. It was amazing. You know, they have a hard job when they put that badge on. When they take it off, they are humans just like we are,” he says.

With the help of the community, officers were able to collect and donate a TV, 68 bags of canned goods, and toilet paper.

“So many towels and wash rags, toilet paper and paper towels, and every canned good you can think of,” Williams says.

Sgt. Anna Gray with the Evansville Police Department says the officers took it upon themselves.

“They wanted to dip into their own pockets and get some food for this gentleman so that he could have a Thanksgiving meal,” she says.

Sgt. Gray says the officers want to remain anonymous.

“They do not want to do it for attention. They start feeling weird about it like hey, I do not want attention for this- I just wanted to do it and I just want to stay humble. I think that it speaks to their character as well, they want to help when they can,” she says.