Evansville Police Officers discuss a K-9’s impact in their lives


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA (WEHT)– Dogs working on the police force spend a lot of time working. Handler Cory Offerman with EPD said these dogs are born overseas and then are able to be trained after growing and maturing.

“In the very beginning, they’re like children. In the beginning they don’t know anything so you have to teach them it all so it can be very frustrating but in the end it’s very rewarding” Offerman said.

Offerman said he currently works alongside Cash, who he’s taken in as one of his own dogs. Offerman said Cash and others spend about 8 years of their life typically on the force. But that’s not always the case. EPD laid K-9 Abot down to rest last week. Abot is now buried in a K-9 cemetery in Evansville. Sergeant Anna Gray said these dogs can become family.

“We don’t even think of them as dogs, we think of them as partners. So when we lose one, we honor them by having a funeral out here. It’s always very emotional. We’re losing a partner and obviously the handlers are losing a family member,” Gray said.

Because the bond between the handlers and their dogs goes well beyond work.

“This is by far the best job in the department,” Offerman said.

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