Evansville Ready to Welcome Back Hometown Hero Lilly King


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — The sounds of splashing resonate off the walls of Lloyd Pool as potential future Olympians swim laps and cannonball into the diving pool.

“They’re learning to swim. They’re really good actually,” Krissy Ramage, an Evansville native, said of her children. “They’re like little fish, so that’d be awesome to see.”

The Olympic Games in Rio are in full swing with many tuning in.

“I’ve been watching gymnastics, swimming,” Parker Payne, 9, said. “This is pretty much the first year I’ve understood it.”

“I like the Winter Olympics more, but this year, I’ve watched more of the Summer Olympics,” Joshua Roberts of Evansville said. “I guess I’m just really into it for some reason.”

That reason might be found on the walls of Lloyd Pool – a giant banner with “Lilly King” boldly printed on a background of Reitz blue while she represents the Red, White and Blue in Rio.

“I’ve never really watched it too much but knowing someone from our hometown that can represent and bring home a gold medal, it makes it very exciting,” Ramage said.

“She’s a really fast swimmer,” Payne said. “I would say she’s the best I know right now.”

For many in Evansville, every time Lilly King hits the water is must-see television.

“When she was winning, we were just very excited,” Ramage said. “We were on the edge of our seats watching it the whole time.”

“We were sitting there yelling at the TV, yelling at the TV, “Go Lilly!” It makes it that much more than you have to watch it,” Roberts said. “You can’t miss it. You have to be there.”

“I’m cheering, on my feet, jumping on the bed sometimes,” Payne said. “It feels joyful, happy, awesome.”

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