EVANSVILLE, IN. (WEHT) — The Evansville Red Cross unveiled a panorama exhibit, called Lasting Legacy, to showcase how they have embodied the organization’s spirit over the years. 108 artifacts are currently on display, including  61 photos and 22 illustrations that are spread across 14 graphic panels.

The history documented, from the Southwest chapter, spans from the World Wars to the present day through disaster relief, training, and blood collection.

The release of a movie documenting the development process of the exhibit was also announced.

“We go inside the process of creating the exhibit. The 6 exhibit leads talk about their favorite artifacts. They talk about the day of the house explosion, what was going on here at the office, and then some of them share some very personal stories about red cross in their own lives,” said Stephen Witte, the exhibit’s creative director.

‘Lasting Legacy’ will debut on Sunday, Aug. 27 on Youtube, at 7 p.m..

Witte says the total number of items recovered could extend to a list of 400 artifacts and over 2000 pictures. The organization is hopeful about possible ways to share more in the future.

“I know that we have more to still showcase and illustrate; That it was really tough to pick and choose what went in the windows so we hope that there will be a phase 2 and we’ll have different exhibits through out the building at some time,” said Theo Boots, the chapter’s former Executive Director.

During the opening, two volunteers from the chapter were honored for their 50 years of service. The chapter continues to build on that history as a local volunteer prepares to dedicate his time to assisting with the Maui wildfires.  Daryl Moore’s focus is on being willing in whatever capacity is needed.

“It’s not helping people because you want those people to come back and say ‘oh thank you very much’. Most of what red cross does.. Those people may never remember you, may not remember your face, but hopefully remembers kindness. That’s a great feeling, and that’s really what keeps me involved with this organization,” said Moore.

The Southwest chapter has been based out of Evansville since March of 1917.