Evansville Regional Airport Stepping Up on Busy Travel Day

The countdown is on. Thanksgiving is just a day away as thousands travel the roads and skies. Millions of people are making the holiday rush at airports all over the country.

Officials at the Evansville Regional Airport say so far everything is running smooth and on schedule. They say the busiest day actually lands on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That is the day that everyone returns home before the work week.

On travel days like today, airports can see twice as many people. At the Evansville airport, they are trying to make things like security checks go quickly and conveniently.

Airport officials say they must keep in constant communication with other areas. The weather in the Tri-State poses no threat for now, but they say travelers heading northeast may have some difficulty with storms in the area and possible flight cancellation.

We caught up with some travelers to hear how their holiday flights have gone so far.

“No, just your typical holiday business,” said Jennifer Williams. “It was very busy. The flights were very full. Our first flight was on a fairly large plane, and it was packed completely, sold out.”

Traveling with a gift advice: Don’t wrap them.

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