EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– A new campaign is underway to name the Evansville Wartime Museum’s newest tank. The contest is called the “Name the Tank Campaign” and launched today.

The 1943 Chrysler M4 Sherman Tank came to the museum last summer. Most of the artifacts in the museum have a name, except for this tank.

“We have a name for Hoosier Spirit 2, but we do not have a name for this tank. And we thought why not let the community help us figure out a name,” says Dona Bone, the Chairperson of the Events Committee for the Evansville Wartime Museum.

There are two rules. The name must be two words or less and must be either Evansville or WW II themed. The winner will receive a t-shirt, a museum membership from one year, and a ride in the tank.

“We have helmets, we even have earplugs for them. We backgrounders to talk to them about the background of the Sherman Tank, and talk to them who sat in the positions inside the tank,” Bone says.

Forms are available at the Museum, on their website, and on their Facebook page. Forms can be dropped off at the Evansville Wartime Museum or filled out on the museum’s Facebook page. All submissions must be dropped to the museum no later than 12:30 pm on March 12th. The winner will be announced on April 1st.