Evansville waterboy bringing joy to half marathon runners


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – On October 2, runners will take over Evansville for the YMCA Half Marathon and one man has helped them make their training a little bit easier. For the past 10 years, Brian Kellems has set up a water station along their route every Tuesday as the runners train.

For the past several years he has set up a tent at Master Gardeners. Kellems also hands out popsicles and cheers on the racers with this family making many friends along the way and inspiring those around town.

Kellems said he loved “just seeing them and having fun while handing out water and freeze pops!”

Kellems’ mom, Tami, said “last year because of the pandemic, he couldn’t set up his water station, so he trained with them outside and stuff. And during the pandemic and with the training they encouraged him and he lost 61 pounds.”

Kellems has set up his tent for the last time of the year. He said he wanted to participate in this year’s event but he’s going to be wishing all of the runners lot from afar as he heads to school for the special Olympics and Indianapolis.

Kellems wanted to tell all of the runners and especially Team 13 with the YMCA, “good luck Saturday and be safe!”

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