Evansville Woman One of 22 Deciding GOP Governor Candidate


An Evansville woman is one of 22 people who will decide the Republican candidate for the governor’s race.

Brenda Goff is also a Donald Trump delegate – making this convention that much more exciting for her.

“This is my fourth convention and it’s going to be amazing to see the governor, and friend to a lot of us, on the stage and making a speech to be Vice President of the United States. And I think Indiana will be highlighted during that time. I’m sure and I appreciate Gov. Pence has shown the leadership to get where he is today,” says Goff.

Goff says the panel will meet at the end of July to decide who’ll be its pick for governor.

Candidates have 72 hours to file required paperwork before that caucus.

However, no exact date has been set.

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