Evansville Woman Visits Charleston For March Held For Victims In Shooting


“We should never look at a persons color, but look at their soul,” said Brenda Bergwitz.

It was a 10 hour road trip. It was something Brenda Bergwitz knew she had to be a part of. It’s a memory she continues to replay in her head.

“Black, white, it didn’t make any difference. I mean, we were all there to support each other,” said Bergwitz.

Five friends from across the United States met in Charleston, South Carolina to remember the nine lives gone too soon.

“People from all denominations of color. Words cant describe it. I’d go back in a heartbeat and be a part of every bit of it,” said Bergwitz.

The day started in a park, about two blocks from the church. People were praying and remembering the events of Wednesday June 17. It was just an ordinary day, now it will always be remembered for a tragic loss.

“People were kneeling down and praying for the longest periods of time,” said Bergwitz.

They marched hand-in-hand. It was a march filled with emotion and tears of sadness.

“After the prayer was over, everybody was hugging each other and I’m, a huger. So I loved the hugs,” said Bergwitz.

But Brenda says this country needs to remember the message of the golden rule.

“When we change the hearts of people, we will change the nation. We must learn to respect the dignity and worthiness of every human being, all lives matter. I think we’ve taken that too much for granted and we need to treat each other like we want to be treated,” said Bergwitz.

It’s a day Brenda will always keep close to her heart.

“Everybody was looking out for each other and very respectful and that is what we don’t see very much anymore and it’s sad,” said Bergwitz.

A day Brenda says was worth the trip. It was also a day to spread love to those in need. Bergwitz says all lives matter and she will continue to help spread that message.

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