EVSC Rolling out Unique Teaching Method


“Redefining Education” is the title of the booklet handed out by EVSC at Tuesday’s State of the School, and it was demonstrated during the event.

How do schools make it easier for students to gain knowledge? EVSC thinks it starts with that word: GAIN.

“And for so many decades, we just think that, or have thought that if we struggle in math for instance, that if we just took more math classes, that we’d get better, but we know that it’s not more content, anymore than it is if somebody wants to get faster, or better at running, that they just have to run more,” EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith said.

One of the issues Dr. Smith said the EVSC is faced with is that minds tend to wander after 10 minutes of lecture time.

To combat that, he took his audience right into an Oak Hill Elementary classroom, to show what GAIN is all about.

Growth in Academics  through Inovation and Neuroeducation. It’s a method of teaching EVSC has been researching, developing and slowly rolling out over the last two years.

It’s unconventional, incorporating physical activity and more interactivity by teachers.

“Frankly there is no one else that is doing this, so it’s not like we can go to another institution and ask how they’ve done it,” Dr. Smith said.

 “It’s definitely a big plus, so I mean, I really like the things that they’re planning to do in enhancing our learning experience, not only for me, but since I wont be here next year, but the ones in the future, in the near future,” Bosse High School senior Javien Langley said.

Dr. Smith said GAIN goes beyond education. He said it can also better prepare students to deal with issues in every day life like bullying.

And perhaps it will influence young minds to develop even more innovative ways to educate the future.

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