EVSC teachers want more pay


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– “I have always thought teachers need to be paid more,” Evansville Teachers Association President Lori Young said.

At Tuesday’s EVSC board meeting, school board members heard from teachers on the next contract in a public hearing. The 2019 teacher contract was up in June but will remain in place until a new contract agreement is made. Teachers asked the EVSC to enter into bargain with the Evansville Teachers Association for the next contract. Chief Communication Officer with the EVSC, Jason Woebkenberg, said the public hearing is the first step in a new contract and at more pay.

“Indiana law also says you cannot begin bargaining with your teacher group until September 15th so we’re not at that date yet. Honestly as soon as that date gets here we’re gonna start and we look forward to sitting down at the table with our teachers,” Woebkenberg said.

Both Young and Woebkenberg said state funding is set aside for education. Young said the goal is to give teachers a pay raise they deserve in the next contract.

“We want to bargain something that’s sustainable and we want to bargain our teachers have at least an average salary- we want to work to it- to get an average salary of sixty thousand dollars for our teachers,” Young said.

Woebkenberg said the EVSC is willing to work on compensation and benefits all across the board.

“We’re looking very forward to offering fair compensation to our 3400 EVSC employees both teachers and non-teaching employees. They’re all so vital. They are what has allowed us to be successful in the light of a global pandemic,” Woebkenberg said.

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