EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The heat rages on. Temperatures approached 100 degrees with feels-like temperatures around 115. But despite region-wide Excessive Heat Warnings, not everyone stayed indoors.

“We just came out to get some sun,” says John Clark. Clark and his son braved the heat to enjoy a little time on the playground along the Evansville riverfront. Clark and his family just moved to Evansville from Louisiana and says he is okay with the heat.

“We’re going to be moving in,” says Clark. “It was a lot hotter when we moved out, it was like 110. That was hot, our house was like 80 degrees.”

The heat did, however, become an issue for Evansville firefighters. A Friday morning fire at Tri-State Resource Recovery proved a challenge for firefighters in triple digit heat.

“When they get here,” explains Division Chief Mike Larson, “they’re wearing all the heavier equipment, they’re wearing thermal protection to protect them from the heat of the fire, which also won’t let the heat from their body get out.”

Larson says crews were on the scene for a few hours. To keep firefighters safe, frequent shift rotations and additional units allowed individuals to take breaks and hydrate. This includes the use of the department’s rehab center.

“For a rehab truck for us to just carry some ice and water,” explains Larson, “we have some fans, things like that, to help keep our firefighters cool, get them in some shade and let them sit down for a minute, do a little rehab and they go back to work.”

For some, like Clark, the heat is actually preferred.

“I’m not too used to the cold, I guess you could say. I love the heat,” says Clark. “Just stay hydrated, that’s all you can really do. Drink water, make sure you’re getting plenty of electrolytes if you want to beat the heat.”